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I’m constantly impressed by the communication and transparency of the Essential team. What other Android OEM does bi-weekly AMAs with their users and potential customers?’s approach to “threads”

Via Manton Reese: takes a different approach. When you type over 280 characters, instead of offering to split it into multiple posts in a thread, it reveals a title field and lets you turn it into a full blog post. I feel really good about this solution because the UI actively tries to make the web a little better instead of worse.

I don’t post a ton of longer posts but when I do, I love the subtlety of’s approach, almost a reminder to consider how this will be consumed by the end user. Rather than lining up posts to fire out into someone’s timeline, like Twitter’s newly announced “threads” feature plans to do. I’ve been off Twitter for a couple months now and features like threading don’t make me want to return.

Linked: MKBHD’s iMac Pro 1 Week Impressions →

I’m always interested to see Brownlee’s thoughts on new tech but with the iMac Pro in particular, since he’s an active video professional that will use the

features the ultra-powerful machine in every way it’s intended to be used, his opinion is particularly valuable here.

While it’s been a busy weekend with family and friends, I’ve been able to sneak in a little work on the Android app, which has been transformed into something with its own look and feel. I’ll be showing more in the coming days.