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I switched to Feedbin recently from Feedly for a number of reasons. My time so far with it has been excellent. If you’re looking to change your RSS service, maybe to one that now links nicely with, check it out.

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  1. @cdevroe @douglane I would definitely give it a shot. There’s a trial available. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a great RSS client for Android in my opinion but their website is very mobile friendly. Otherwise, I use Reeder on MacOS to view on desktop.

  2. @mikehaynes @cdevroe Agree, it’s worth taking a look at. It doesn’t have its own native clients the way Feedly does (there is a basic “notifier” app), so you’re kind of looking at using third party clients and then ducking into the Feedbin website on occasion. It’s been solid though and on the rare occasions where I’ve needed it, support is really good.

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