What exactly is the James Bond “cinematic universe”?

Via Bleeding Cool:

The Daniel Craig era James Bond movies have been trying to find their own identity since they began. It’s why elements of each movie feels so similar and a little dated by the time the movie actually comes out; they are chasing trends. The trend that the most recent Bond movie was chasing was the concept of the cinematic universe. They brought in Waltz and made him the orchestrated for all of the previous villains. They made Spectre into Hydra and Ernst Stavro Blofeld was the mastermind behind it all. Spectre ended with Blofeld still alive but in custody, with the implication that this was not the last time we’d see him.

So, it looks like Spectre spent an entire movie setting up a cinematic universe that they are going to ignore now.

The recent movies in the franchise have hardly been chasing fads, or been dated upon release. If anything, the Daniel Craig films have been very topical and influenced in many ways by the world at the time. It’s also worth mentioning that villains in other film series come and go from one movie to another. I’d hardly say that they’re abandoning any of their long-term plans.

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