Vanquish reportedly coming to Steam

Via Polygon:

Sega and PlatinumGames may be finally on the verge of giving fans something they’ve been begging for: a PC port of Shinji Mikami’s third-person shooter Vanquish. Or at least that’s how fans are interpreting an update that rolled out for the Windows PC version of Bayonetta on Steam today.

That update was a measly 22 kilobytes and included a single new Steam avatar tucked away in the “extras” system folder of Bayonetta. That avatar features Vanquish protagonist Sam Gideon wearing his Augmented Reaction Suit, and is the only non-Bayonetta avatar of the bunch.

Vanquish was awesome. One of the most underappreciated games of the PS3/360 era, without question. Cool sci-fi third-person combat, frantic gameplay, ridiculously cool robots and weapons, etc.

I really hope this holds up, i’d love to give this one another go.

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