500ish Words | RSS

A collection of posts by M.G. Siegler of around 500 words.

512 Pixels | RSS

512 Pixels is a blog written by Stephen Hackett about things that light up and make noise.

Colin Devroe | RSS

Reverse Engineer. Blogger.

Daring Fireball | RSS

Apple news and insight by John Gruber.

Dear Design Student | RSS

Advice on design from people who work for a living.

The Hungry and Foolish | RSS

Apple news, reviews, and commentary by Kevin Wild.

Inessential | RSS

By Brent Simmons. | RSS

Written and produced by Jason Kottke and covers the essential people, inventions, performances, and ideas that increase the collective adjacent possible of humanity.

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Developer and podcaster, creator of

Subtraction | RSS

A blog about design, technology and culture written by Khoi Vinh.