Design Census 2017 →

Designers, you’ve only got a few more days to complete the 2017 Design Census. Speak your mind, define your goals, challenges, and help keep design on track in 2018.

MKBHD’s iMac Pro 1 Week Impressions →

I’m always interested to see Brownlee’s thoughts on new tech but with the iMac Pro in particular, since he’s an active video professional that will use the features the ultra-powerful machine in every way it is intended to be used, his opinion is particularly valuable here.

MarsEdit: Blog editing for the Mac. →

I’ve been using MarsEdit more recently as I try to wean myself off using WordPress’ MacOS app and have been enjoying it. I think that, with all the enhancements and refinement that’s been done with version 4, I’ll make the switch and use it as my main writing app on the Mac going forward.

Marvel Heroes shutting down →

In terms of online games, this one didn’t exactly have the longest life span with the PC version launching only four years ago. What’s even stranger is that the game was only released on consoles earlier this year, which means any content people paid money for only a handful of months ago is gone.