On comparing hardware sales numbers by Google and Apple

Ron Amadeo, writing for Ars Technica:

The IDC says Google shipped only 3.9 million Pixel phones in 2017. That’s good, in that it is double the previous year’s shipments. On the other hand, the IDC says Apple shipped 215.8 million iPhones in 2017, which works out to 4.15 million a week. So Apple ships more phones in a week than Google does in a year.

It’s certainly worth noting that while Apple has been making the iPhone and its various successors for the better part of ten years, Google has really only been serious about moving handsets for roughly a year and a half.

This comparison is ridiculous.

The broadcast feature on Google Home is the best.

An update on Dialog (#02)

I just wanted to give a brief look at some of the progress made on Dialog, a Micro.blog application currently in development for Android. If you’re unfamiliar with the project, please see some of my previous updates.

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Spending the evening backing up and installing the newest build of Raspbian on my Raspberry Pi. @pyrmont, this is 100% your fault. 😂

Between the Venom Inc crossover and the throwaway issue with Zodiac, getting caught up on Amazing Spider-Man has been a real challenge. I can’t wait until we get a new creative team, which I’m sure will bring some life back to the series. 📚

That Venom-less trailer

Chaim Gartenberg, writing for The Verge

Seriously, there’s not even a quick tease or jump-scare or over-the-shoulder shot or anything! Take out the title card, and this could quite literally be a trailer for almost any action movie on the planet.

Not exactly the best first impression for a movie that’s so important for Sony and is already on shaky ground with fans.

Nice to see The Verge is still here to remind us how upset they all are about losing the headphone jack on their phones.