I’ve realized the only reason I still use Twitter is for immediate tech support or for asking businesses questions. This hardly seems like a reason to keep it around.

An update on Dialog (#02)

I just wanted to give a brief look at some of the progress made on Dialog, a Micro.blog application currently in development for Android. If you’re unfamiliar with the project, please see some of my previous updates.

I’d like to thank everyone who has expressed interest in Dialog. We’ll have more news to share soon. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback please send them to us. In the next update, we’ll be posting more progress and sharing some potential roadmap items for post-release.

This Micro Monday I recommend Eli. He was one of the first people I followed on Micro.blog and stands as shining example for microbloggers, sharing his technical expertise, insightful links, and heartwarming photos of his family life.


An update on Dialog (#01)

I just wanted to take a little bit of time to update interested parties in the status of Dialog, a Micro.blog application for Android.

• Initial design was completed a little over month and development began shortly after. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look, the project is available for viewing on Invision.

• The login screen has been built and allows users to log into their Micro.blog account, design is minimal as we’re focusing function at the moment.

• The timeline has been built and is semi-functional as of last week. Again, the design is still in a minimal state while we ensure the core functionality is working properly.

• We’ve been discussing models of revenue to ensure we can sustain the app without turning people off due to price. I’m also unsure how to avoid people simply downloading the APK online and using the app for free. Implementing some sort of complicated workaround for this feels more like punishment for regular users and will add to development time so we’re avoiding that route entirely. The app will be free.

Instead, we’ll be displaying a page in the application that will allow users to donate to the future development if they choose to. We hope that people will enjoy Dialog and be happy to support it but, if not, no problem. We won’t be limiting basic features behind a purchase or donation. In the future, the model may change slightly if, hypothetically, we introduce an in-app purchase or subscription for extra customization or power user features. However, in that case, basic functionality of the app will remain free.

I’d like to continue to do these updates to let those interested know where we’re at in the process. This is the first application i’ve designed without a large team (currently, we’re a two person show) so the timeline is difficult to ballpark. Hopefully, posts like this will give those interested an idea of where we’re at and give a little more transparency to the whole project.

If you’d like to keep up with these updates, follow us on Micro.blog and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or feedback.

For this week’s Micro Monday, I recommend everyone follow my fellow designer and illustrator Isabelle, as she travels through Japan and shares some of the pictures of her trip!


Some personal goals for 2018

While most people might say 2017 was a terrible year, it was actually a pretty amazing one for me and my family. My wife and I moved to a new home, we welcomed our son Henry into the world. I reconnected with writing in a way I haven’t in years and started taking some big steps to ensure I keep myself in shape, both mentally and physically.

So, while I can’t exactly predict what the next year will hold for my family, aside from a couple fun trips we have planned, I have a few personal goals I’d like to work on.

Continue blogging, avoid content silos

Throughout 2017, I moved towards taking all of my content out of social networks like Instagram and Twitter and moved it over to my own website. I also tired to write more this past year. It’s something I know i’m not particularly good at it but I’d like to get better and I want to keep more control of the things I put onto the internet in 2018.

Less Twitter

I want to eventually delete my Twitter account. It’s brought nothing but frustration this past year and I think it’s a really hindrance to my mood and productivity.

Be more productive

Speaking of productivity, I want to devote more time to logging my tasks and keeping track of what I want to get done. I’ve recently started using Todoist and putting anything (even the little stuff) into it to make sure I get things done.

Use Dribbble for posting small design pieces

I’ve been using Dribbble on and off for four or five years now but have never really dug into it too deeply. This year, I’d like to use it as my main place to keep up with designers and post some of the work I’ve been done.

Start a microcast, recording a couple times a week

Starting in mid-January, I’d like to begin recording a micro-podcast a couple times a week as a complementary audio piece to my blog. Episodes will be 5-10 minutes each and cover pop-culture and whatever projects I’ve got on my plate at the time. I previously recorded a podcast back in college covering comics but this will be my first regular show since then so I’m really looking forward to it.

With a little big of determination, I think these are all very realistic goals for the next year. 2017 was a huge year for me, and I’m excited to see what these goals might do to make 2018 a memorable year too.