• Just started my Apple Arcade trial! Good timing too because I was clearly running dangerously low on video games to play. 🙃

  • The passive aggressive jabs that continue to swirl around J.J. and Henry Abrams writing Spider-Man make the comic book crowd look like such unapproachable assholes. Anything that gets books in front of more people should be considered a win for everyone in my opinion.

  • Apple Arcade reviews praise games, value →

    Apple Arcade will officially launch later this week, when iOS 13 is released to the public on September 19th. Ahead of that, the early hands-on and reviews of Apple Arcade are in – and they’re overwhelmingly positive.

    I’ve been looking forward to Apple Arcade since the announcement. I’m happy to hear it’s reviewing well with the people who’ve gotten a look at it before the release on the 19th.

  • Control roadmap suggest Alan Wake tie-in

    I’m beyond excited for the additional content for Control.

    I finished up the game the other night and essentially finished all the content the base game had to offer. As a fan of Remedy’s other games — specifically Alan Wake in this case — I can’t wait to check out whatever the AWE add-on brings to the game next year.

    This could be as close to an Alan Wake sequel as we’ll ever get.

  • Really not liking the look of the lenses on the back of the new iPhones. For a company that prides itself on the design of their products this seems like a huge misstep.

  • It’s almost unfair how far ahead Apple is in comparison to other smartwatches. I never thought we’d reach a point where someone like Google or Fitbit literally can’t catch up but… here we are.

  • A great shot from the wrap-up of our stream this past weekend.

    Extra Life North raised $73k (on a goal of $50k) for the Children’s Miracle Network and the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. I’m so proud of our whole team for getting it done.

  • Extra Life North

    Extra Life North

    Starting today and running through the weekend, I’ll be working/playing alongside my co-workers as we try to raise fund for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba and the Children’s Miracle Network. If you’ve got a chance, please consider making a donation to either myself or someone else on our team so we can hit our goal of $50,000.

    If you’d like to follow along with the action throughout the weekend, we’ll be streaming the event via Mixer and Twitch with a program full of couch gaming, contests, interviews and much more. I encourage you to swing by and drop some words of support in the chat if you’re able to.

  • Moon Knight Series Confirmed For Disney Plus →

    I’m so excited to see what comes of this. I’d love to see them base the series on one of the recent comic book arcs like Brian Michael Bendis or Jeff Lemire’s runs on the character.

  • Catherine: Full Body offers a more complete experience than the original game

    Vincent Brooks

    Aimee Hart for Polygon:

    Catherine developer Atlus has stretched and edited the game into Catherine: Full Body, an updated version for the PlayStation 4 that now features 13 endings, new levels, new music, another love interest, and a whole lot more … while still feeling familiar and comfortable to existing fans. New players will simply benefit from a game that’s much fuller and better realized than the original release.

    This is another 2019 release that totally slipped under the radar for me. The original Catherine is one of my favorites so I know for sure I’ll be picking up Full Body. When I originally played the game, I saw a couple of the endings to the game but now — knowing there are potentially 13 different ways to finish it — I can see spending even more time with it this time around.