Batgirl art by Cameron Stewart

Betty Felon for ComicsAlliance:

A stark, dramatic departure from the decidedly dour tone of previous issue, the new book introduced Barbara Gordon’s new life in the newly created and decidedly hip Burnside neighborhood of Gotham, where she makes time for crime fighting in between her graduate studies and hanging out with her new supporting cast.

Vividly youthful, funny, cute, action-packed and even sexy, the new Batgirl of Burnside sparked interest amongst existing fans, lapsed Batgirl readers and curious newbies (and inspired criticism from people who just hate fun).

Not a recent piece but still a nice to look back at the early days of the Batgirl reboot over at DC. The interview talks about the approach the writing team has taken, their process for the artwork of the issues, the impact of social media on the series and much more.

This was written back around the releases of issues #35–#36 so some things feel a little redundant but still great to get a better look at what makes Batgirl’s series so special.