Via Pajiba:

Snyder setting the two up to be enemies so that they fight? Bullshit. The two are friends, brothers in arms, and that is exactly why their fights matter. They are friends because they are both good, and they both believe in most of the same things. But they believe in mutually exclusive routes to that justice. And they’re both right and they’re both wrong.

Good Batman and Superman stories set it up so that neither of them is right, so that they are both the causes of and solutions to the problems that exist. Snyder has no sense of that nuance, and that trailer really drove home just how little concept he has of these two characters.

A little bit of follow-up from my rant piece the other day about the recently released trailer. I had a great (although very heated) discussion with some friends the night after the trailer hit the web and some of the points I presented there are repeated here.

As I mentioned in my previous post about the movie, we’re judging this purely on the trailer, which isn’t exactly fair, but many of the larger points are already addressed in the trailer itself, the press releases surrounding the movie, and the slate of films that WB’s announced spinning out of it.

Again, as I said in the previous post, I don’t want to see this movie fail but I’m finding it harder and harder to shake the feeling that it will as we see things trickle out about it.

My fingers, as well as the fingers of others, are crossed hoping that the next footage we see sends a different message.