Via iMore:

Apple’s pressure-sensitive tool is incredible for drawing and writing on the iPad Pro’s screen, but its navigational ability is just as important.

Part of the iPad’s magic is the seemingly physical contact of your fingers and the objects on the screen. I remember using the device for the first time and feeling more connected to it than any laptop or other mobile device i’d previously used.

I don’t have a ton of experience using the Pencil, or maybe I just don’t understand the context, but I really don’t want to be able to use the pencil for navigation.

At the very least, as John Gruber says in his commentary on the subject, this should be a toggle in the settings much like the mute/screen rotation lock.

Update 1

Pencil fans, the crisis has been averted. Still hoping for a toggle.

Update 2

Great comment by user dreyfus2 from the original article on iMore. I didn’t even think about the possibilities for accidental interactions.

As a Pencil user, nothing annoys me more than the Pencil triggering stuff it should not trigger (like scrolling). It is a deeply broken metaphor (it is called Pencil and not stylus for a reason), and should never be the standard. Again, if this is an option, I do not mind.