Via Android Central:

BlackBerry abides by lawful access principles — at the end of the day we want to ensure that we’re not helping criminals or terrorists. With that said, we don’t create backdoors and that’s something we stand by.

Not one to let a potential publicity boast pass them by, BlackBerry tosses their hat into the ring but stops short of siding with Apple in the ongoing privacy/security debate.

The thing is, to some degree, (unless I’m missing something here) aren’t the new BlackBerry phones ultimately as secure as Google wants them to be? Sure, data passes through to whatever server BlackBerry has set up but I’d assume they really don’t have that much control over it anymore since sending BB10 out to pasture.

Additionally, Blackberry declined to comment on if they possess the capability to decrypt the internal storage of the BlackBerry Priv, which uses whole-device encryption.

If anything, they’ve raised more questions than they’ve answered.


Apparently much more secure than I originally gave them credit for. I mean, it’s essentially the last leg they have to stand on so…