Via ComicsAlliance:

The first critic reviews of Batman v. Superman hit the web last night and early word was… not kind. The film currently sits at 40% on Rotten Tomatoes. By comparison, the divisive Man of Steel had a 56%.

Having now seen the film, I feel like the majority of the hatred for the film seems to stem from pretty minute details. Almost feels like the press was compelled to dislike the movie from the onset and people have just sort of run with it. I mean, it certainly wasn’t perfect but was it entertaining? Sure.

I’m saying this as someone who was pretty confident that BvS would be a really stinker. To the people who’re really upset about the movie, what exactly were you expecting?

Update 1

Although, the movie’s reportedly pulling in $170+ million dollars this weekend, for what that’s worth.

Update 2

Fans now taking issue with director Zack Snyder’s continued involvement in the DCCU.

Update 3

A nice little piece summing up the media’s fascination with hating this movie and making sure everyone on the planet knows it.