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Via 9to5Mac:
Very sketchy images have surfaced showing off supposed future iPhone product packaging, raising the potential of Apple calling a new iPhone the iPhone 6 SE.
To be fair, this rumour's been circulating for some time. As I mentioned before, I can't see Apple going and calling the new device the iPhone 7 if the many leaks are to be believed and the overall design of the device is going to largely resemble the 6/6S. If that were the case, would we have the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 in back to back years? That doesn't add up. These might not be the actual boxes, based on the quality and source, but I'd be willing to bet some serious money that the next phone Apple ships will not be the iPhone 7.

Numerous sites have now done a pretty thorough analysis of the package to conclude that this clearly can't be official packaging. Still willing to bank hard on the phone being called anything but iPhone 7/7 Plus.