Via Redmond Pie:

Like Apple’s MacBook Pro, the iPhone 8 concept shows the Touch Bar visuals and experience changing depending on the application that’s currently taking center stage on the device. In fact, Touch Bar is shown as one of the main interface mechanism between the user and the device. It’s is used to answer or reject calls on the iPhone, get and select text suggestions on apps like Mail or Messages, and of course, being able to instantly select emoji characters.

The renders and video are atrocious. The UI and hardware of the next iPhone will not look or function anything like this.

When Apple added the touch bar to the MacBook, it was to allow for apps to configure an otherwise static keyboard for shortcuts and quick access. In many ways, the iPhone already does or could do this. You don't need to add a secondary strip to it.

Based on the quality of the renders alone, I'm not sure why news sites are giving this the time of day.