• I enjoyed The Last Jedi.

    I’m excited for The Rise of Skywalker.

    That is all.

  • I remembered today when opening the Epic Launcher (don’t ask) that Remedy’s new game Control is only a few months away from release.

    Regardless of my previous thoughts on this whole mess with Steam and Epic, I know I’ll be getting Control on day one. Remedy’s games are too good to pass up. Quantum Break is the reason I own an Xbox One and the last game I played on my Xbox 360 — after months of not using it — was Alan Wake.

    It’s safe to say I’ll always find a way to play a Remedy game.

  • I’m curious if the new Hellboy movie would be so poorly received if Guillermo del Toro’s (amazing) series didn’t exist. Is it genuinely a bad movie or is it “bad” because it’s not a third del Toro movie starring Ron Perlman?

  • If I had one piece of advice for the enemies of The Division 2, it would be to stop leaving so many full jerrycans laying around. If I had another piece of advice, it would be to stop standing so close to your full jerrycans during a firefight.

  • Dialog received its first review this week, which is an exciting milestone! If you’re using the app on your Android device, consider taking a second and reviewing it in the Play Store.

  • I need to do a serious purge of my RSS news sources — mostly in the tech space. The repetition, smart-ass headlines, and cynicism towards anything new is nauseating. There's a handful of sources I know I can rely on so I'll focus on those and turf the others.

  • I enjoy true crime podcasts. So much so — it would seem — that I've already listened to all but one of the shows on Lifehacker’s "Best True Crime" list.

    One recommendation I have that does not appear on their list is Cold by KSL and Wondery that covers the 2009 disappearance of Susan Powell and the destructive effects it had on the people around her.

  • I’ve been following Overland since shortly after it was announced and it continues to impress every time I see it in action. I’m really looking forward to playing the finished game later this year.

  • For whatever reason, it's become a thing to resell used AirPods.

    Years ago, when I worked in video game retail, we wouldn’t accept trade-ins of gaming headphones for sanitation reasons, never mind earbuds. The thought of buying a pair used AirPods — that someone has had inside their ears while running, working out, etc — is so gross.

    If you’re in the market for wireless earbuds and want save a couple bucks, there are new, less expensive options than used AirPods.

  • I’m really interested to see what Google has to announce tomorrow at GDC. If the rumours are true, it could be a pretty big deal not only for Google but for other companies in the gaming space as well.