• Today, the beta for Reeder—my favourite RSS app—launched on macOS.

    I’ve been using Reeder on both iOS and macOS for years so I’m really excited to see this new version finally coming to life. Already I’ve noticed a ton of great improvements—mostly around the UI and animation—that gives Reeder 4 a new, much more contemporary look and feel.

    If you’ve never given Reeder a look, consider the beta an opportunity to see what it’s all about.

  • The new custom theme options available on Micro.blog are great. After a couple days of work, I was able to completely transform the default theme. What a huge update from the original custom CSS options.

  • While I’m still not totally sold on Zachary Levi as Cap/Shazam, the new trailer was a blast. Between this, WW84, and the success of Aquaman, it looks like WB finally has a solid plan in place for the DCEU.

  • I put just over five hours into The Divison 2 beta this past weekend and it kicked ass. Sure, it’s really similar to the first one but the shooting feels tighter, the game looks better, and there’s a ton more to do.

  • After a huge break from comic books, I’m finally almost caught up on Heroes in Crisis—just finished issue 5. What a great book so far, right up there with Identity Crisis.

  • Going to be playing The Division 2 open beta tonight. Hoping it snaps me out of whatever video game funk I’ve been in recently. Hell, I might even stream it.

  • Seeing as it’s the best of the series, I guess I’ll be buying Final Fantasy IX again on the Switch. It’ll be weird to play one of the numerical entries on a Nintendo system again.

  • I’m actually really interested to check out the changes Bethesda has planned for Fallout 76. The game isn’t great but I don’t feel like it’s beyond redemption.

  • Anthem update is really good. Noticeable improvements in load times, easier mission selection, better movement speed in Tarsis, and so much more. Nice to see so much getting addressed this quickly.

  • According to Vince Zampella, Apex Legends has already built up a player base of over one million users in less than eight hours.

    Not to discount the incredible numbers the game has pulled in but — considering the list of streamers Respawn partnered with and the fact that the game is made by a studio of people that have been releasing blockbuster AAA games for the better part of 15 years — the news isn’t super surprising.

    Having played (poorly) a couple hours of the game last night, I’m impressed with what I’ve seen. The game is a ton of fun and the launch has been very smooth. The game’s mostly bug free and has a fanbase that’s quickly forming already.