As if Brinklink wasn’t amazing enough, their Studio app for Mac and Windows is unreal. Build in 3D and, in only a couple clicks, you can add all the pieces to a cart. Mind blowing.

I finally fixed the notifications in the MLB iOS app and all it took was buying a brand new phone.

That feeling when you and your partner walk into the local Apple Store and they only have the exact two models of iPhones you want in stock.

Resident Evil 4’s Separate ways DLC is a fun excuse to revisit the original game, though control and pacing issues bring the experience down a bit. It’s tough to complain too much, given the amount of content you get for the price.

After seven years of PC leadership in Manitoba, including their implosion during the height of the pandemic, the systematic dismantling of our health care, and so much more, why would anyone vote them in for another term?

Of all the games to play lately, I’ve gone back to Marvel’s Avengers. The campaign is really fun, it’s a shame Crystal Dynamics leaned so hard into the live-service aspects considering how repetitive and confusing it was.