Verification used to mean a person was like an actor or a journalist or something and now it means they’re a white nationalist with 30 followers or they’re hawking crypto or something.

Max Collins, Eve6

Threads was constructed like Mark Zuckerberg was building a mall, cramming as many brands and influencers in as possible to give them a natural leg up on the platform, and then hoping having enough shiny objects would make the network worth visiting.

Ed Zitron

Never let people tell you that you simply don’t get web3. It’s self-referential and non-existent which is why web3 advocates talk in abstract circles like this and struggle to define, explain, or distinguish it. There’s little reason to keep giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Edward Ongweso Jr

When you take a step back and look at the playing field of an algorithm-controlled society and how it influences people, the view is absurd. It’s not inclusive, it’s not equitable and it’s not in any way attentive to human wellbeing.

Per Axbom

[Twin Peaks: The Return] actively pushed against nostalgia. Despite what its title suggested, The Return eschewed the comforts of familiarity and demanded that we acknowledge the process of aging.

Joe George, Den of Geek

Twitter should be treated as the spectacle that it appears to be: something that entertains a small and privileged subset of our population, not a de facto town square where the value of institutions and individuals is adjudicated.

Cal Newport, The New Yorker

Rampant financial swindling in the crypto space, plus the unbelievably sketchy nature of keystone crypto institutions like Tether, suggests that a crash is coming sooner or later. If it does, NFTs will sell for something like their actual usefulness: nothing.

Ryan Cooper, The Week