Mastodon 4.2.0

On the surface, everything looks and feels mostly the same, with the developers working to polish the harsh edges. As you continue to toot and scroll, you’ll notice wonderful little improvements and quality-of-life tweaks.

Great breakdown of the updates coming today to Mastodon.

After seven years of PC leadership in Manitoba, including their implosion during the height of the pandemic, the systematic dismantling of our health care, and so much more, why would anyone vote them in for another term?

Insomniacs After School, Vol. 3

Summer is swiftly approaching for sleepless high schoolers Nakami and Magari. Now members of their school’s revived astronomy club, they’re busy preparing for their first official club event, a meteor shower watch party! The city’s annual fireworks festival is also coming up, and Nakami has promised to go with Magari. Every sleepless night brings the two closer, and their first high school summer promises to strengthen their bond even more…

Unity reportedly told dev Planned Parenthood and children’s hospital are “not valid charities”

Developers of indie puzzle game Orgynizer have claimed that Unity said organisations like Planned Parenthood are “not valid charities” and are instead “political groups.”

As if the runtime nonsense wasn’t bad enough, this is the icing on a cake made of garbage. I’m not developing a game but, if I were, Unity would be the last thing I’d be using to make it.

Of all the games to play lately, I’ve gone back to Marvel’s Avengers. The campaign is really fun, it’s a shame Crystal Dynamics leaned so hard into the live-service aspects considering how repetitive and confusing it was.

Inclusive Sans

Inclusive Sans is a text font designed for accessibility and readability. It is inspired by the friendly personality of contemporary neo-grotesques while incorporating key features to make it highly legible in all uses.