• After only one day with iOS 13 installed, I reverted back to 12. I think I’ve realized that I really just need a dependable, functional device to keep notes, take photos of my kid, listen to music, etc. Or maybe I’m just old. 🤷‍♂️

  • For all the negativity online, I enjoyed Tom King’s Knightmares arc on Batman. Aside from the couple Flash crossover issues, the main story was pretty great and the payoff in issue #70 was worth it in my opinion.

  • I quickly jumped over to the Google Store and pre-ordered the Stadia Founder's Edition before remembering that the games available at launch are not exclusives, and use a controller instead of a keyboard/mouse.

    Sooo I'm cancelling... I think?

  • King and Mann launching Batman/Catwoman

    Batman & Catwoman

    Jesse Schedeen for IGN Comics:

    ans of Tom King’s Batman saga can rest easy. Though we learned earlier this week that King is leaving the series sooner than expected, his story will continue in a new form. Today DC announced a new 12-issue Batman/Catwoman comic debuting in January 2020.

    Batman/Catwoman not only reunites the two lovers for the first time since Bruce Wayne was left at the altar in Batman #50, it also re-teams King with Heroes in Crisis artist Clay Mann.

    When word broke last week that Tom King’s Batman run would be ending short of his promised 100 issues, I was, like many others, disappointed. While his run hasn’t been without issue, the story he’s been telling since the beginning is ambitious, heartbreaking, and worthy of completion.

    Batman/Catwoman seems to be exactly that.

    DC’s plan here seems clear: Move King away from the main book and open it up for someone else while still allowing him to complete the story he’s been telling for the past 85 issues (and annuals) surrounding Batman and Catwoman’s complicated relationship. It’s a frustratingly transparent way to protect the main continuity for most people but I suppose it’s better than not letting the story be told at all.

    I’ve always loved the dynamic between the two characters. I remember reading Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s Hush run and coming out of it a little disappointed with how little development was really done with Batman and Catwoman’s relationship. By comparison, King’s run, while admittedly much longer, has really added a ton of complexity and depth to Batman and Catwoman’s history and their potential future — particularly leading up to issue #50.

    With this new book, I’m really excited to see how the two come back together and how they move forward following the failed marriage and the cerebral beat-down Batman’s been dealing with in the wake of it all.

    King and Mann’s work on Heroes in Crisis was great so I’m expecting the same or better from them here and I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves for King’s last lap with the Dark Knight.

  • Panic debuts Playdate console



    We love video games.

    We love the places they take us and the feelings they give us. We’ve grown up with them. It sounds silly, but they really mean a lot to us.

    Playdate is our celebration of the video game.

    This thing looks so cool. I love the idea of timed game releases, that there’s a bit of mystery and wonder when you fire the system up each week.

    I’m definitely getting ahead of myself here but I’d love to see the homebrew/indie game scene go completely crazy on this thing and—given Panic’s following—I’d have to assume they will.

    Also, the crank looks badass.

  • George R.R. Martin working with FromSoftware

    Dark Souls 3

    Julia Lee for Polygon:

    A new blog post by George R.R. Martin following the series finale of Game of Thrones teases that the author has been helping make a video game.

    The blog post says that he’s been busy lately, and even “consulted on a video game out of Japan.” While those details aren’t too specific, a source told Gematsu that From Software is working on an unannounced title with Martin, known internally as “GR.” The Gematsu report also notes that the title will be officially announced at Microsoft’s E3 press conference this year and it’s a collaboration between Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki (known for his Souls series).

    I'm interested to see what comes from this partnership. The rumors have been circulating for a while that Martin was working with Miyazaki but this update seems to confirm it.

    Just the idea of a George R.R. Martin inspired hard fantasy world created by Miyazaki and the team that made Dark Souls—reportedly titled Great Rune—seems like an absolute must-play. Hopefully we learn more at E3 in June.

  • On a Switch kick lately

    Taking a look back through the Nintendo eShop on the Switch, there's some really great stuff on there, some of which I've already played and some that are entirely new to me.

    I've enjoyed revisiting Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. It doesn't reinvent the wheel or add much—if anything—to the original game but it's surprising how little of it feels dated. It also feels and plays pretty well on the Switch.

    Another one I've had a blast so far lately is Shakedown: Hawaii. I'm in love with art and animation style. It's amazing how much life pops out of each pixel. There's a million things to do so it definitely scratches that completionist itch.

  • Bokeh on Kickstarter

    My friend Tim Smith of Bright Pixels has officially launched his Kickstarter campaign for Bokeh, a social network to privately share your photos with friends and family.

    If you’re looking for a more secure, less advertiser-friendly alternative to Instagram, please take a minute to visit the Kickstarter and help bring the project to life.

  • Henry!

  • Marvel adding Patrick Gleason to the rotation of Amazing Spider-Man artists is yet another slam dunk for the book. It’ll be tough to see Humberto Ramos go but I’m sure it’s not the last time we’ll see him drawing Spidey.