Why You Should Just Switch to Android Already

You know, we don’t all have to just let Apple win. Apple is good at what they do. They make products that are easy to set up and use, but, before you know it, you feel entirely trapped in their ecosystem.

Jake Peterson, Lifehacker

I’ll never understand why so many people, typically Android users, care so much about what devices other people use.

iOS 8 adoption: 72%, Android Lollipop: 1.6%

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Though adoption of iOS 8 has been slower than iOS 7 adoption rates, Apple is still way ahead of Android. The latest version of Android (5.0, aka Lollipop), released in November, is currently only installed on 1.6 percent of Android devices.

I’m curious how much of the fracture in Android updates is caused by the fact that most people simply don’t care if they’re running the newest version or not. At 1.6%, it seems almost impossible that it’s caused by anything else. There are plenty of devices that have been updated to 5.0 with more coming each day.