You’ll never be able to convince me Carnage is anything more than the dude who got flown into space and ripped in half by The Sentry.

Former comiXology Staff, Comics Creators Form Publisher DSTLRY

The comics creators who’ve already signed up with DSTLRY are Mirka Andolfo; Brian Azzarello; Marc Bernardin; Elsa Charretier; Becky Cloonan; Lee Garbett; Jock; Joëlle Jones; Tula Lotay; Jamie McKelvie; Junko Mizuno; Stephanie Phillips; Scott Snyder; James Tynion IV; and Ram V. The company’s editor will be DC/Vertigo veteran Will Dennis, who’s worked with many of those creatives.

Wow. The creator list for this is stacked.

There are ten editorial notes in the three most recent issues of Amazing Spider-Man referencing other books, series, and events required for the reader to make sense of the story.

I’m having a hard time deciding if I like the new volume of Amazing Spider-Man or not. The event tie-ins weren’t great but the story otherwise has been fine. I’m pretty over the Pete and MJ drama though, hoping Black Cat’s involvement parks that plot for a while.

New Superman series coming in February

Rich Johnston for Bleeding Cool:

It was revealed at New York Comic Con today that a brand-new Superman ongoing monthly series is launching in February 2023 from Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths writer Joshua Williamson and Naomi artist and co-creator Jamal Campbell.

I’ve never been much of a Superman fan but the creative team on this has me excited. I’ve had good luck jumping on books right after a big crossover event.

I’ve been pretty burnt out on mainstream comics lately but Heart Eyes by Dennis Hopeless, Víctor Ibáñez, and Addison Duke is really good. Refreshing spin on the post-apocalyptic trope, great twists, and gorgeous art to match.

You will never be able to convince me Carnage is anything more than a dude who got flown into space and ripped in half by the Sentry.

I’m conflicted on the current run of Amazing Spider-Man.

On one hand, I’m enjoying it considerably more than the Beyond arc. However, the back and forth (again) of Pete and MJ’s relationship is tiring. How many more times can they put readers through the break-ups and make-ups?