Verification used to mean a person was like an actor or a journalist or something and now it means they’re a white nationalist with 30 followers or they’re hawking crypto or something.

Max Collins, Eve6

Paying $44 billion to literally break a website, strip it of any recognizable brand, and drive all the users away. Remarkable.

Pouring one out for all the infra teams working their assess off to keep their apps and servers running as people return to or start new accounts across various non-bird-related social media sites today.

This Trial May Mean Elon Musk Is in Big Trouble

His claim that he’s backing out of the deal because Twitter misled him about the number of bots on the website is weak, they say, meaning he’ll likely be forced to go through with the acquisition even after a dire economic downturn has lost him billions since he first floated the deal.

This is sort of the ultimate example of “you broke it, you bought it”.

Free Speech Champion Elon Musk Fires Employees for Criticizing Him

In other words, the firings smack of blatant hypocrisy. Musk gets all the free speech he wants, but his employees are terminated for any criticism.

Imagine being one of several people rightfully embarrassed by your boss’ destructive, childish online behaviour. You and your colleges voice that opinion in what sounds like a completely reasonable manner within the company and are promptly fired for doing so. Insane.

Imagine having no job security, or worse, being fired from your job because some billionaire going through a mid-life crisis decides he might want to buy the company you work for.