Not sure what the point of Tumblr ad-free is when you get bombarded by their promotional campaigns regardless. They’ve been pushing One Piece all week by injecting themed tabs into the navigation and today there’s an image of a clown in the corner of the screen that you can’t dismiss.

My day to day posting is now done entirely on Tumblr and Mastodon. It’s been great for my mental health… despite what the content and tone of my posts might lead you to believe.


There’s some symbolism to my Tumblr merch arriving the day after the bullshit bomb went off on Twitter. I love it.

Tumblr’s new ad-free browsing option isn’t really about hiding ads


I AM giving Tumblr a $40 donation as a thank you for 10+ years of free service, the friends I have made along the way, the experiences I’ve earned here, the people I get to interact with, the sometimes functional website, the thousands of my posts they archive and host, and in the hopes it will stick around to continue to do all of that and more.

This is a great post.

I also subscribed to the ad-free option because, frankly, I enjoy Tumblr this hellsite. I’ve been using it for over a decade and have never had the option to directly support the site in any way until now.