Epic Games cuts around 830 jobs

Notably, Sweeney does not apologize to his employees for making the business decisions that have resulted in the disruption of over 800 lives, saying only that his “optimism” that such spending would not result in layoffs was “unrealistic.”

Resident Evil 4’s Separate ways DLC is a fun excuse to revisit the original game, though control and pacing issues bring the experience down a bit. It’s tough to complain too much, given the amount of content you get for the price.

Unity reportedly told dev Planned Parenthood and children’s hospital are “not valid charities”

Developers of indie puzzle game Orgynizer have claimed that Unity said organisations like Planned Parenthood are “not valid charities” and are instead “political groups.”

As if the runtime nonsense wasn’t bad enough, this is the icing on a cake made of garbage. I’m not developing a game but, if I were, Unity would be the last thing I’d be using to make it.

Of all the games to play lately, I’ve gone back to Marvel’s Avengers. The campaign is really fun, it’s a shame Crystal Dynamics leaned so hard into the live-service aspects considering how repetitive and confusing it was.

Sam Lake’s comments about longer games

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell for Rock Paper Shotgun:

[Lake] himself has difficulty setting aside hours for longer games. “[It’s] just struggling with finding time and you know, being interested in a story, wanting to see it through,” he said. “So it can even be daunting at times to start playing a game that you know is really, really long.”

I definitely relate to this.

On numerous occasions while booting up Starfield I’ve felt that, while the game is good, it’s almost too massive for me to really dig into. I know I won’t get around to many side missions because I’ll be burnt out from the main quest and wanting to move on to something else in my backlog.

Comments like Lake’s are interesting coming from Remedy as they’re an example of a studio that produces tightly written, well-paced games that never overstay their welcome. I’m hoping that doesn’t change with Alan Wake 2, despite the noted 20-hour-plus playtime.

So far, Starfield feels like a Bethesda game in every sense with, somehow, substantially less jank than expected.

The internet reacts to the red dead redemption ‘remaster,’ and take two’s history of broken promises

People have been expressing outrage over the $50 price tag for a 13-year-old port that’s not even coming to PC, and one person on Reddit even shows it’s cheaper to buy the game and an Xbox console than pay for the re-release.

Instead of complaining about Red Read Remaster’s price on PS4 and then buying it anyway, I’d ask that you consider not buying the game. Take-Two needs to understand that people won’t put up with this anymore.