So far, Starfield feels like a Bethesda game in every sense with, somehow, substantially less jank than expected.

Not sure what the point of Tumblr ad-free is when you get bombarded by their promotional campaigns regardless. They’ve been pushing One Piece all week by injecting themed tabs into the navigation and today there’s an image of a clown in the corner of the screen that you can’t dismiss.

I’ve spent more time loading EFT raids than I have in the raids themselves.

A fun alternative for tech companies firing a bunch of their employees could be to turf the crazy expensive, trendy offices they force people into every day and consider a remote/hybrid model with smaller, satellite offices as required.

Office buildings don’t have families to take care of.

Was emailed this morning by a company I’d applied to and they offered me, as a designer, the chance to compete in a hackathon for “possible freelance opportunities” and a $5000 prize.

Fuck right off, thanks.

I was trying to clean up my monthly subscriptions a bit and thought I could get away with using Feedly’s free plan for my RSS needs instead of my longtime favourite, Feedbin. This was a huge mistake.

For $5 per month, Feedbin gives me basically everything I could possibly need. I can create mute filters, follow newsletters or twitter accounts, it’s made by a crazy small, super talented team of people… the list goes on and on. It’s honestly worth every penny. I have no clue what I was thinking.